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Zaher Nazzal

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Associate Professor
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(+970) 9 2345113 Ext. 2360
Health Promotion - 7106508
Course Title
Health Promotion
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Zaher Nazzal
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[email protected]
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Compulsory / Elective
Course Description

The course explores the scientific discipline of health promotion. It explores the meaning of health and wellbeing from the perspective of different health paradigms, how health and well-being are created, and policies and programs that aim to improve health and well-being.

Topics include the background, history, and philosophies of health promotion; the social ecological framework and health; planning of health promotion programs; evaluation of health promotion programs; the use of theory in health promotion; doing health promotion in university settings; doing health promotion in worksites; doing health promotion in developing countries; and harm reduction strategies for health promotion.

Course Objectives

The aims of this course are to enable students to gain an understanding of different social and cultural perspectives on the meaning of health, develop core knowledge of health promotion including its foundation theories, principles and concepts, and critically evaluate a range of health promotion strategies seeking to address a number of contemporary public health problems.

Intended learning Outcomes and Competences

On completion of this course, student should be able to:

A. Knowledge and understanding

  • A.1 Define the health and health promotion
  • A.2 Describe the international initiatives on health promotion
  • A.3 Recognize the key features and values that shape health promotion practice
  • A.4 Explain the difference between health promotion and other related concepts (disease prevention and harm reduction)
  • A.5 Describe the different ways of looking at health and the root causes of health and illness
  • A.6 Describe the different  health promotion strategies
  • A.7 Recognize the purpose and origins of health promotion theories
  • A.8 Describe the principles of planning health promotion program
  • A. 9 Explain the process of evaluation

B- Intellectual skill

  • B.1 Analyse and differentiate the determinants of health
  • B.2 Compare between health promotion strategies applied in a variety of settings, including schools, workplaces, health service organizations and entire communities
  • B.3 Employ the health promotion theories in planning a health promotion program
  • B. 4 Judge the effectiveness of a health promotion interventions

C- Professional skills

  • C.1 Use the principles and values of health promotion in planning interventions
  • C.2 Design a health promotion program at different settings
  • C.3 Evaluate a health promotion program
  • C.4 Appraise the evidence on Health promotion programs

D. General and transferable skills

  • D.1 Value the importance of health promotion
  • D.2 Manage time and take responsibility for learning required for continuous professional development
  • D.3 Study independently to explore and browse for given search points
  • D.4 Communicate effectively with colleagues
Textbook and References
  • Ewles L, Simnett I. Promoting Health: A practical Guide. 2005
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Theory at a Glance A guide for health promotion practice
  • Naidoo, Jennie. Foundations for health promotion, 3rd. ed. 2009
  • Milestones in Health Promotion Statements from Global Conferences
Assessment Criteria
Activity Percent (%)
Midterm exam 30%
Course project 15%
Final eaxm 45%
Attendance and in class activities 10%