Laboratory of Medical Mycology - 7105321 (24440)
Course Title
Laboratory of Medical Mycology
Course Number
7105321 (24440)
Instructor Name
Motasem Al-Masri
Contact Information
[email protected]
Semester(s) and academic year(s)
Second Semester 2017
First Semester 2017
First Semester 2014
First Semester 2013
Second Semester 2012
First Semester 2012
Compulsory / Elective
Course Description

This course is the laboratory part of course of medical mycology. This course is designed to cover the main practices of medical mycology laboratory including collection of clinical specimens as well as direct examination of specimens by light microscope or ultraviolet light (for hair). The course also includes culturing and identification of isolated fungi on the basis of macroscopic and microscopic morphology, biochemical, physiological, and unique characters such as germ tube and chlamydospore production. This course will also include antifungal susceptibility testing.

Course Objectives

The goal of the laboratory section in medical mycology is to help student develop skills of safe working with fungi in practical applications.  Laboratory experiments will include collection of infected specimens such as cutaneous and nails specimens, direct microscopic examination of clinical specimens, ultraviolet light examination of hairs, culturing of fungi, identification of isolates, isolation of dermatophytes from soil, germ tube test, production of chlamydospores, carbohydrate fermentation by yeast, keratinolytic activity of fungi and antifungal susceptibility testing

Intended learning Outcomes and Competences

At the end of this course student will have knowledge of:

1- Collection of cutaneous and infected nails specimens

2- Microscopic examination of clinical specimens

3- Ultraviolet (Wood’s Light) examination for fluorescent hairs

4- Culturing of fungi

5- Identification of isolates specially dermatophytes

6- Isolation of dermatophytes from soil – hair bait technique

7- culturing Yeasts

8- Germ tube test and production of chlamydospores

9- Carbohydrate fermentation test for yeast identification

10- Keratinolytic activity of fungi

11- Antifungal susceptibility testing

Textbook and References

1. Anaissie, E.J., McGinnis, M.,R., Pfaller, M. A (2009). Clinical Mycology. USA: Elsevier Inc. 

2. Suhonen, R. E., Dawber, R. P. R., and Ellis, D. H. (2006). Fungal Infections of the skin, hair and nails. London: Martin Dunitz Ltd.

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Assessment Criteria
Activity Percent (%)
exams 100%