General Biology I - 10201101(24101)
Course Title
General Biology I
Course Number
Instructor Name
Motasem Al-Masri
Contact Information
[email protected]
Semester(s) and academic year(s)
Second Semester 20112
Summer Semester 2017
Second Semester 2016
First Semester 2013
First Semester 2012
Compulsory / Elective
Course Description

A discussion of biological activity at the level of the cell, including cell structure, chemical constituents, architecture, material exchange with the environment, the role of the cell membrane, major energy generating biochemical pathways, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, control of cellular activities and basic concepts in genetics and general biotechnologies.

Course Objectives

This course will explore the basic biological structures, processes, concepts, and theories of modern biology. This includes: molecular and structural formulas of organic compounds; compare and contrast the structure and function of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell; understanding of the major processes, including, energy transformation, metabolism, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, and transport through the plasma membrane; description of the mechanics of mitosis and meiosis and the relationship of these processes to reproduction, cell cycle, and function; genetic principles to simple Mendelian and non-Mendelian inheritance concepts, study the roles of chromosomal abnormalities and gene mutations in causing genetic disorders; understand the principles of DNA technology and biotechnology.

Intended learning Outcomes and Competences

At the end of this course student will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge in each of the following:

Different types of organic compounds and macromolecules.

Structural characteristics of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

Mechanisms of membrane transport.

Basic concepts of bioenergetics, metabolism, cellular respiration, and photosynthesis.

The cell cycle and types of cell division.

Mendelian genetics and genetic changes.

Role of nucleic acids in the cell.

Mechanisms of genetic information transfer from DNA to proteins.

Basic concepts in biotechnology.

Textbook and References

Biology – 8th Edition, Neil A. Campbell, Jane B. Reece, Benjamin.

Assessment Criteria
Activity Percent (%)
exams 100%