Applied Biotechnology 2 - 24498
Course Title
Applied Biotechnology 2
Course Number
Instructor Name
Motasem Al-Masri
Contact Information
[email protected]
Semester(s) and academic year(s)
Second Semester 2015
Compulsory / Elective
Course Description

An introduction to modern immunology and it’s important applications. Lectures include general properties of immune system, cells and tissues of immune system, humoral and cellular immune responses, antibody structure and biosynthesis, antigen-antibody interactions, tumor immunology, and autoimmunity

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to learn about the component of the immune system as well as their functions. The student will learn about antigen presentation, humoral immune response, cellular immune response, inflammation, complement and cytokines. The student should known different categories of diseases related to the immune system such as hypersensitivity reactions and autoimmunity.

Intended learning Outcomes and Competences

At the end of this course student will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge in each of the followings:

1. Description of the cells, organs and tissues of immune


2. Description of antibodies structures and types

3. Knowledge of mechanisms of innate immunity

4. Recognition of the humoral and cell mediated immune


5. Description  of  antigen presentation and the major

     histocompatibility complex.

6. Describe mechanisms of inflammation

7. Explain hypersensitivity reactions and autoimmunity.

Textbook and References


Immunology. David Male, Jonathan Brostoff, David B Roth, Ivan M Roitt. 8th Ed.   2013.

Basic Immunology Abul K. Abbas  and Andrew H. Lichtman.  3thEd.  2011

Assessment Criteria
Activity Percent (%)
exams 100%