Advanced diet therapy - 497506/2758
Course Title
Advanced diet therapy
Course Number
Instructor Name
Manal Badrasawi
Contact Information
[email protected]
Semester(s) and academic year(s)
First Semester 2019
First Semester 2018
Compulsory / Elective
Course Description

This course explore the  relation of health with food and eating habits. Malnutrition and diseases of affluence (obesity, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, etc), their epidemiology, and prevention. Designing nutritional programs to promote good health and putting forward nutritional recommendations and therapeutic diets for various health conditions. Case studies and student self-reflection will be used to enhance the learning process.

Course Objectives
  • To explore the the impeotance of nutrition in health care system
  • To explain the nutrition care process, the nutrition intervention program and the evaluation of the  nutrition intervention
  • To explain and understand the nutrition management; goals, principles and designs in various diseases

The course will cover the main chronic dieases ( CVD, Diabetes, Renal dieases, gastrointestinal tract, respiratpry,  hepatobiliary, hypertenstion and cancer, in addition to  in borne error of metabolism, nutrition management in hospitalized patients , major surgery, head and neck traum and major burns and obesity.

Intended learning Outcomes and Competences
  • The students will be able to descripe  the relationship between the nutrition and the diseases
  • The students will descripe  the pathophysiology of the chronic dieases
  • The students will identify  the goals and principle of the nutrition intervention in the mentioned diseases.
  • The studnts will be able to design nutrition intervention for the studies diseases

The students will practice their nutrition knowledge through case studies ( real case sceinario) from the local hospitals and the community

Textbook and References

Krauses: Medical nutrition Therapy 

Assessment Criteria
Activity Percent (%)
Exams 70%
case reports 15%
case presentation 15%