Nutrition Management in Enterocutaneus Fistula, current evidence, research findings and gaps of knowledge ?
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Enterocutaneous fistula is a challenging clinical condition with serious complications and considerable morbidity and mortality, even with  advancements in medical and surgical therapies. Nutrition played a major role in ECF fistula management and decreases the morbidity and the mortality . Despite this impact, malnutrition remains a major clinical problem of ECF patients  This was especially seen in high output fistula or those who had septic complications. Aggressive calories and protein replacement were required to lessen the deteriorated effect of ECF.  Early nutritional support has been found to decrease these complications and to improve the clinical outcome. Location of the fistula and physiological status affect the nutrition management plan in terms of feeding route, calories, and protein requirements. In this review a summary of the current evidence of the nutritional management in ECF patients in light of nutritional status assessment, calories and protein requirement and the routes of feeding were reviewed. This summary was done by conducting a comprehensive search in the literature to find the published studies related to nutritional management of ECF using the following key words: enterocutaneous fistula with nutrition management, nutrition requirement, and nutrition status assessment. The mian findings of the review: Published literature on the nutritional management of ECF is mostly retrospective and lacks experimental design. Prospective studies do not investigate nutritional assessment or management experimentally. Individualising the nutritional management protocol was recommended due to the absence of management guidelines for ECF patients. nutritional support with parenteral, enteral nutrition or fistuloclysis played a significant role in the management outcome.

Key word: Enterocutaneous fistula, Nutrtiion support, malnutrition.

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Dec. 5, 2019 - Dec. 6, 2019
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