Study of Traffic and Roads in Nablus Old City
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Original research

Old and historic towns form a national and economic wealth for the country, and the transport system of vehicles and pedestrians are essentials in this system because of their vital role in developing the living conditions inside the town. This study aims to set actions for developing the transport system in Nablus Old City, Palestine.

Field survey showed the low vehicular traffic volume at the Old City entrances. The peak vehicular volumes occurred before the active commercial and pedestrian activities begin. The pedestrian activities concentrated at certain entrances in the middle of the day. Good number of parking spaces is available within the periphery of the old city and inside; however, the demand for parking is high and the available parking inside the old city is limited.

The vast majority of roads (75%) is in fair to poor conditions and need maintenance. The survey of residents and merchants showed their low level of vehicle ownership, and their consensus (80% - 85%) on restricting vehicular entry to the old city to certain hours outside the peak periods of commercial and pedestrian activities.  

A plan for improving and developing the transport sector is prepared. This plan focuses on rehabilitating the roads, tiling all non-tiled streets and roads, improving the axes of interaction between the old city and its surroundings, adoption of time-limit restriction on vehicles’ entry to the town, naming and coding of streets and buildings, and improving the parking facilities.

Journal of King Abdulaziz University: Engineering Sciences
Journal of King Abdulaziz University
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