Profile Of Pedestrian Crashes In Nablus City, Palestine
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Pedestrians are a vulnerable group in terms of road safety. Studies in Nablus City showed a high percentage of pedestrian crashes. The objective of this research is to draw a detailed profile of pedestrian crashes in Nablus City, Palestine. Road crash data involving pedestrians for five years (2012-2016) were collected from Nablus Traffic Police Department. Data were analyzed spatially, temporally, and based on various patterns. Results showed that the highest frequency of pedestrian crashes occurred in year 2015, during the spring season, on Thursday, and in the early afternoon hours. The crashes concentrated in the city center and its perimeter zones. They also concentrated on major streets of the city. Pedestrians with an age group younger than 10 years old were the most vulnerable. A high percentage of pedestrian crashes involved public transportation vehicles. The majority of victims and drivers were males. The results were linked to socio-economic characteristics and behavior of people in the city. The vast majority of pedestrian crashes were slight injuries. Killed or seriously injured (KSI) pedestrian crashes constituted 7% with a concentration on Saturday and in the afternoon hours. The highest age groups involved in KSI crashes were younger than 10 years old and older than 40 years old. The study recommends the traffic police to computerize the data collection and archiving system, and to reallocate the limited human resources to areas with high pedestrian crashes and severity. The relevant authorities should exert awareness efforts among school children and drivers regarding road safety behavior.

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2nd International Conference on Civil Engineering – Palestine
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Nov. 25, 2019 - Nov. 26, 2019
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