Identification Of Main Natural Hazards Affecting The Transportation Network In Nablus City, Palestine
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Conference Paper

Transportation infrastructures nowadays are subject to significant vulnerabilities including the escalating threats of natural hazards, which have the potential to strike any geographical location with or without warning. They are considered one of the critical infrastructure systems as they constitute the backbone of any community, which provides the essential services that support the society to maintain functioning properly. Surface transportation networks in Palestine are considered the basic emergency networks that form the only way to support evacuation, emergency response, relief, and recovery operations during any disruptive event; thus, disruption in these networks may have severe consequences in cases of disasters. The objective of this paper is to perform hazard identification study for the potential natural hazards that Nablus City in Palestine would be exposed to. The hazards range from the most severe hazard; earthquake, the least probable hazard; the snowing hazard, and reaching to the most probable hazard; the intensive rainfalls that could lead to flooding events, as well as land sliding, which is a triggered event. This is done through the collection and integration of data about past events to produce a scientifically defensible conclusion, proposing scenarios for each type of natural hazards, illustrating the main hazardous events resulted from each proposed scenario, and their direct effects on the transportation network in Nablus City. This provides a comprehensive picture for the decision makers to choose appropriate emergency actions, feasible solutions, and improvement strategies for the current situation of the existing transportation network in Nablus City.

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2nd International Conference on Civil Engineering – Palestine
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Nov. 25, 2019 - Nov. 26, 2019
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