The Impact of Neoliberal Agenda on Urban Landscape Real estate speculation in Ramallah
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The influence of neoliberal economic policy in Palestine has been growing since the turn of the new century. The complex nature of the political and legal systems that govern the occupied Palestinian territory makes it difficult to reveal the many aspects affected by this policy. However, the most visible impact of this policy is seen on the urban landscape that undergoes rabid transformation powered by real estate development.

Ramallah city is the place where the most visible impact of neoliberal policy is materialized. This chapter unravelsthe conditions in which a neoliberal agenda in Palestine was pursued, and the process accompanied the restructuring on the Palestinian political economic system in response to the new agenda. It addresses the dynamics of the real estate development in Ramallah as one arm of the neoliberal policy within the broader political and economic Palestinian context that was considered for a period as an engine for economic growth.

It also identifies the impact of the real estate development policy on the city’s physical urban and social fabrics, through investigating the reasons for the continuous increase of prices that have impact onthe accessibility of different social groups to the newly developed neighborhoods and how this contributes to re/shaping the social layering of the inhabitants in these areas.

Neoliberale Urbanisierung Stadtentwicklungsprozesse in der arabischen Welt
transcript- urban studies- Transcript Verlag (August 1, 2019)
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