Guidelines for increasing social interaction in high residential buildings by modefying physcial environment : case study of Rafidia, Nablus
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Conference Paper

The development of Nablus city has faced challenges caused by the implications of previousadministrations over the last century. It resulted with Land scarcity and fragmented territorials, which encouraged Vertical expansion and emergence of high buildings to cope up with population growth. Physical environment of high buildings change was accompanied by changes in social interaction and activities amongst people.Thus, driven by the belief of capability of architecture to shape our life and change behaviour of people through design, this research is conducted by the importance of understanding how does urban environment of high rise residential buildings relate to people interaction in these buildings and its context.


It analyse the current urban form of the Nablus city generally, and investigate how physical environment relates to social interaction amongst residents of high residential buildings in Rafidia, Nablus.Data on social interaction and resident’s activities were collected through observationsand semi structured interviews. Also, axial analysis and visibility graph are used to examine and trace the movement pattern of people in study area.


The study has developed guidelines of possible modifications of existing high residential buildings and its urban context that would encourage people interaction. As well as recommendation for new buildings to help planners, architects, urban developers and policy makers to improve their vision and plans as well as designs to achieve more compatible urban areas and high buildings with people and their everyday life.

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SPACE International Conference 2019 on City Planning and Urban Design, 5-7 July 2019, London
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Jan. 1, 2023 - Jan. 1, 2023
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SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture
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