Potential of Biomass as an Alternative Fuel in Palestine- Amounts and methods of conversion
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Conference Paper

These days, there is much talk about the alternative fuel and clean-burning as an alternative for petrol. Palestine is known to be very poor country in terms of fossil fuel resources. At the same time, energy alternatives are not defined well specially the non-conventional types such as biomass. Biomass can be defined as material which is recently derived from animals, and plants that use sunlight to grow.

In this research, all types and amount of biomass that exist in Palestine that can be used as an alternative fuel for petrol was analyzed  and defined by a comprehensive field survey. The sources of clean and alternative energy which depend on the biomass using traditional and new technologies were discussed.

This research aims to investigate the biomass and new process to find out a durable and a reliable alternative energy source for Palestinians.

All results in this study showed biomass waste can be used to produce a new energy source in the form of clean fuel and high efficiency, which constitutes an alternative source for traditional fuel in several applications. The most important of these applications is electricity production.

Final results shows 797GWh of electrical energy a can be generated annually by using biogas process from biomass residue and household solid waste, and approximately 824GWh can be generated when gasification process used for the same waste.

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Fifth International Energy Conference- Palestine
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Jan. 27, 2015 - Jan. 28, 2015
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نقابة المهندسين الفلسطينيين