"Natural Disposition Consideration Approach and Its Impact on Realization of Legislation Observance"
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Original research

Research objectives: This research aims to demonstrate the breadth of Islamic legislation and its relationship to the human instinct, and the extent of the compatibility between the original with the image, and that the intended benefit of legislation is not complete without its respect and the supremacy of its provisions

Study methodology: They researchers used the tools of induction and comparative critical analysis methodologies to achieve the study's main objective, by tracing the research issues and its scientific material, analyzing and comparing them to reach the correct opinion.

Results: The researchers reached several results, the most important of which are: Reward and punishment are not related to Natural disposition or innateness, but rather relates to the consequences of these characteristics. Instinct is an important path in understanding and rationalizing of the sharia provisions and their costs, and the role of religion in guiding the instinct is achieved through two approaches: The first: reviving the innateness through the revelation discourse. The second: direct the innateness by transferring the person from the circle of natural disposition action to the circle of action organized by the laws of revelation.

Authenticity of the research: The scientific value of the research lies in its approach to a subjective course that God has made in every human soul, and the Islamic Sharia has relied upon for the influence of its legislation and its respect in the souls, which had an impact on the diversity of purposes and the achievement of the goal of respecting the legislation.

مجلة كلية الشريعة والدراسات الإسلامية
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