To Reverse or to Rehearse: Performing Colonial Reality in Arna’s Children
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Placing it in the area of postcolonial performance, this article seeks to measure the capacities of (theatrical) performance and the role it plays in colonial contexts as represented in the documentary Arna’s Children. By examining this documentary, this article analyzes the role of theatre in the formation of alternative realities and projecting what Mishra and Hodge (2005: 378) identify as ‘a configuration of experiences and insights, hopes and dreams arising from a hitherto silenced part of the world’, foregrounding challenges to dominant and exclusionary colonial narratives and practices. Questioning the subversive potential of theatre, this article intensifies the need for expanding parameters of postcolonial theatre to include the Palestinian crisis as a central node of critical interpretation in discussions about the role of theatre in times of war and violence. This article further argues that studying the role of theatre in the Palestinian context proposes new and intriguing ways of thinking about the ways in which theatre functions in colonial contexts, and it questions whether participants reverse or rehearse the impact of colonialism.

أحمد قبها
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