Primary metastatic prostate cancer between prognosis or adequate/proper medical therapy
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Abstract Purpose: To define the efficacy of standard androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) in the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer (PCa). Materials and methods: Fifty patients with mean age of 70.48 ± 9.95 years old (range 52–87) who had metastatic PCa and received ADT between 2014 and 2019 were retrospectively evaluated. Median values of pre-therapeutic PSA and Gleason scores were 50 ng/ml (range 8–1201) and 8 (range 6–9), respectively. All patients received luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) analogue and anti-androgen. The patients were evaluated in terms of age, pre-therapeutic PSA serum levels, Gleason scores, presence of metastasis, number and percentage of cores involved, nadir PSA, time to nadir PSA, duration of ADT, and PSA at last follow-up. Multivariate analysis was used to define the factors which have impact on ADT response. The mean follow-up period was 13.87 ± 7.78 months, (range 2–32). Results: All patients showed reduction in serum PSA level after initiation of ADT, and the median value of nadir PSA was 1.12 ng/ml (range 0.02–50). The mean value of time to nadir PSA was 3.85 ± 1.57 months (range 2–7). The median value of PSA at last follow-up was 2 ng/ml (range 0.02–50.21). Multi-variant analysis showed that nadir PSA have a significant correlation with pre-therapeutic PSA, PSA at last follow-up, age, and Gleason scores (p < .05). Conclusion: Standard ADT is a feasible option in the treatment of metastatic PCa. Gleason scores, age, pretherapeutic PSA, and PSA at last follow-up have significant impact on outcomes of ADT. Further studies of high number of patients with long-term follow-up including other chemo-hormonal therapy and androgen receptor blockers should be carried out to confirm and improve efficacy of ADT. Keywords: Prostate, Prostate cancer, Hormonal therapy

World Journal Surgical Oncology
An-Najah National University
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