Synergistic Effect of AM-4VP-9 Copolymer and iodide ion on Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in 1 M H2SO4
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Original research
  • A. Mansri
  • B. Bouras
  • B. Hammouti
  • I. Warad
  • A. Chetouani
he effect of iodide ions on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 1 M sulfuric acid in the presence of poly(acrylamide-co-4-vinylpyridine) copolymer abbreviated by (AM-4VP-9) was studied by weight loss measurements and electrochemical techniques (impedance spectroscopy and polarisation curves) at 18 °C. The results obtained showed that the inhibition efficiency increased with increasing copolymer concentration. It was also found that the inhibition efficiency increased with the addition of potassium iodide (KI) to the copolymer. A synergistic effect was observed between the AM-4VP-9 copolymer and KI. On the other hand, it was found that the inhibiting effect of the system (AM-4VP-9 + KI) increased with increasing immersion time. Polarisation curves indicate that (AM-4VP-9) copolymer act as mixed inhibitors. EIS measurements show an increase of the transfer resistance with the inhibitor concentration.
Research on Chemical Intermediates April 2013, Volume 39, Issue 4, pp 1753-1770
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