Online tutorial to address inadequate clinical supervision for Family Medicine residents in Palestine
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Conference Paper

Family Medicine (FM) is a new specialty in Palestine. Geopolitical and social-economic challenges limit faculty development and clinical teaching. To address the inadequate critical thinking skills of graduating FM residents, an NGO engaged experienced US and UK FM trainers to offer 3 months of online tutorials.
Method: The 13 residents were divided into 3 groups with 2 trainers assigned to each. Two-hour Zoom sessions
were held weekly. Trainers planned the session in advance. Topics included fatigue, dizziness, chronic pain, etc.
Skills focused on data gathering and interpretation, managing medical complexity, and communication in an
interactive format. Evaluation includes a review of tutors’ notes and session videotapes.
Results (the most engaged group): The 5 residents became eager to bring cases to discuss. Constructive feedback
skills grew as trust built in the group; tutors created a safe environment and demonstrated constructive feedback.
Bandwidth and power outages presented ongoing challenges. Skills with the Zoom platform improved with time.
Discussion: While the residents knew each other, consulting with each other on cases was new. They decided to
create a WhatsApp group and posted questions during their clinical practice. Tutors were intentional about
identifying and addressing cultural issues as they arose.

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AAFP Global Health Conference USA
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Oct. 20, 2021 - Oct. 22, 2021
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