The Positive Psychology Virtues in the New Palestinian Textbooks
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Abstract The education system should play a positive role in developing virtues and enhancing them among students as the builders of the future and the pillars of the nation and its hope for liberation, building the country and achieving the sustainable development goals. This can be reached by including the virtues and values in textbooks, which is included in the value system of the Palestinian people. Accordingly, the major contribution of this study is assessing virtues included in the new Palestinian textbooks based on the Positive psychology framework. Therefore, this study aimed at analyzing the positive psychology virtues enrolled in the new Palestinian textbooks for the lower grader, in addition to assessing the acquisitions of the virtues among students from their teachers' perspectives. The used methods were content analysis and an online survey. In the content analysis method; 82 study textbooks units were selected and analyzed. In the quantitative method, 351 teachers were selected. The results showed that the most frequently mentioned virtues were wisdom and justice, with the least mentioned being temperance and transcendence. The results also revealed that teachers highly assessed the acquisition of virtues and strengths among students. Teachers' demographic factors had impacts on assessing the acquisitions of the virtues and strengths among students. It is concluded that there is a clear imbalance in the distributions of both virtues and strengths. Therefore, the Palestinian school textbooks developers should consider including more of the positive psychology virtues and strengths such as virtues of temperance and transcendence.

Keywords  Virtues, Strengths, Positive Psychology, Palestinian Textbooks

The Journal of Positive Psychology
The Journal of Positive Psychology
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