The Nakba Continues: The Palestinian Crisis from the Past to the Present
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Original research

Drawing on postcolonial and settler-colonial studies, this article accounts for the settler-colonial nature of the Jewish state which is founded on the cadastral displacement and effacement of Palestinians who are dehumanized by Israel, an apartheid state par excellence. We delineate the colonial practices of the Israeli military occupation and its racial discrimination and exclusion as manifested in the construction of the Separation / apartheid Wall and the construction of roads that link settlements in the West Bank which is under the threat of annexation. However, we propose that the colonial project is further enhanced by the PA which, “pants down”, lapses into security liaison with the Israelis and plays the role of the colonial power over Palestinians, putting an end to patriotism and the hegemonic, masculine ideal of resistance and sacrifice and curtailing Palestinians’ struggle for self-determination.

Janus Unbound : Journal of Critical Studies
Memorial University of Newfoundland
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