Sustainability integration in Palestinian universities: a focus on teaching and research at engineering faculties
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Original research

Palestine needs to expand its capacity to integrate sustainability into higher education if it is to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The status of education and research in the fields of sustainability at engineering schools in Palestinian universities is not sufficiently explored. This paper aims to evaluate the current state of sustainability education and research capacity at engineering faculties. More specifically, this research is intended to provide new and much-needed information about sustainability knowledge, teaching and research activities. The first method used is a questionnaire survey completed by teachers and researchers about their activities dealing with sustainability, and the second is based on a systematic literature review at SCOPUS database for scientific publications on sustainability by Palestinian universities in the Palestinian context, and the number of publications in fields related to sustainability in Scopus indexed journals. The results show that some institutions include more sustainability topics in their teaching courses and research activities than others. Most participants teach courses about sustainability; however, the number of courses per teaching staff and department and the sustainability contents vary among universities. Teaching activities focus on environmental sustainability, especially on energy and water efficiency. The findings reveal that the number of Scopus indexed publications in fields related to sustainability in the last twenty years is low. The highest number of published papers was those focused on environmental sustainability. The implication on policy makers show that the status of sustainability in higher education at engineering schools is still in great need for universities’ and government’s support.

International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
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United Kingdom
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