Utilization And Cost Of Anti-Infective Agents In Two General Surgery Units Measured Using WHO ATC/ DDD Methodology
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    ABSTRACT This study compared the utilization and cost of antibacterial agents in surgical units of 2 government hospitals in Palestine. The consumption and cost of drugs was estimated in the units over a 1-month period in 2010 using the anatomical therapeutic chemical classification and defined daily doses (DDD) per 100 bed-days. The total consumption of antibacterial agents was 414.1 DDD and 591.5 DDD at Thabet and Rafidia hospitals respectively. These corresponded to 133.6 DDD/100 bed-days and 162.2 DDD/100 bed-days respectively, figures that were higher than those reported in surgical units in many other countries. Total cost of antibacterial agents during the study period was 24 800 and 23 481 NIS for Rafidia and Thabet hospitals respectively. Approximately 11.2% and 18.0% of the total antibiotic DDD in Rafidia and Thabet hospitals were given to patients with clean surgeries in which antibiotic prophylaxis is not indicated.
    EMHJ 2012 18 (6).
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