Financial Institutions and Monetary System in Palestine during the Ottoman Era
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The period of Ottoman rule is one of the most important in the recent history of Palestine, and its consequences have extended to contemporary reality in many political, social and economic aspects. This study addresses various economic aspects of Palestine's history in the Ottoman era and more about financial institutions and the monetary system. Financial institutions are one of the most visible manifestations of the financial and economic stability of the countries. The Ottoman Empire has paid great attention to financial institutions in all its aspirations, including Palestine. This study relied on the review and analysis of many historical literature, documents and recent studies relating to the history of the Ottoman Empire in general and in Palestine in particular. The most notable findings of this study were the existence of an important role for financial institutions in economic activity in during the Ottoman era in Palestine. The period of the Ottoman era also formed the roots of the financial system and its extended manifestations to contemporary reality.

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Palestine during the Ottoman Era Conference
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April 26, 2022 - April 26, 2022
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