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Public Transportation (PT) safety studies in Palestine are limited. Most of the collected data do not provide sufficient information of the single crash record to fully understand the circumstances. This paper aims to draw a comprehensive profile of road crashes involving PT vehicles in Nablus City for the period 2015-2019. This was done by conducting analyses of the obtained crash data, analyzing their patterns, evaluating the leading causes of traffic crashes, and studying the distribution of traffic crashes, fatalities, and injuries on several levels; the entire Nablus City level, and Nablus City zones.

Wednesday and afternoon period (12:00-18:00) had the highest PT crashes. Spring recorded the highest number of PT crashes for Nablus City. Slight injuries recorded the highest percentage. "Failure to maintain safe/proper distance" was the highest cause in all crashes. The number of PT crashes resulting in pedestrian injury formed 12.80% at Nablus City level out of all Governorate. In terms of the vehicle responsible for the crash, PT vehicles formed the highest percentage. Most injuries were for the ages between one and thirty years.

Crash recording system should be fully computerized from recording to data archiving including using the GPS for location identification. It is necessary to encourage safety studies and improve the general road safety conditions and launch awareness campaigns on traffic laws targeting all road users. Police should impose strict and deterrent laws for violators of traffic laws. Competent authorities should improve pedestrian facilities and conduct periodic training and awareness programs for PT drivers including refresher courses with the aim to developing the knowledge and skills to avoid crashes. It is also recommended to exert tighter control on the issuance of PT drivers' licenses. The traffic police should benefit from this study and intensify their presence and control in places where PT crashes are most frequent.

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Sustainable Development in Traffic Safety Conference
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Nov. 8, 2022 - Nov. 9, 2022
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Alistiqlal University
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