Optimizing Performance and Spatial Distribution of ATMs during COVID-19 Lockdown – A Queuing Theory Approach
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Conference Paper

Due to the spread of COVID-19 virus, the Palestinian government imposed strict lockdown, panned vehicular travel, and imposed paying the government sectors’ employees through ATMs only on specified paydays to limit traveling and avoid crowding. This paper investigates the performance of queuing at ATM machines during the emergency period in Nablus city, Palestine and optimizes the service while maintaining the required health instructions. Field observations and analysis showed high congestion levels and long queues at ATMs, which is contrary to what the government planned for. Under the specified payday schedule and the current ATMs, waiting time extended to two hours and queues reached up to 39 persons. It is concluded that by redistributing the paydays based on demand and the spatial distribution of demand and ATMs, as well as adding mobile ATMs to meet excessive demand, waiting time and queue length will be considerably reduced with various levels from one payday to another. This will reduce the risk of spreading the virus due to crowding at ATMs.

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The International Conference on Business and Technology (ICBT’2022)
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Nov. 12, 2022 - Nov. 13, 2022
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EuroMid Academy of Business and Technology, Istanbul, turkey
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