Analysis of a wire–duct electrostatic precipitator under dust loading conditions
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Original research
  • Amer El-Hamouz
  • Zakariya Al-Hamouz
A combined finite element based method (FEM) and a modified method of characteristics (MMC) is developed for the analysis and computation of the current density profiles, corona current and hence corona power loss associated with WDEP under particle loading conditions. To test the developed algorithm, comparison with experimental and numerical findings reported in the literature has been made. Comparisons showed high accuracy of the developed algorithm accompanied with a reduction in the number of iterations needed to converge. One major problem reported in the literature, namely, that the characteristic lines never follow the FE grid pattern, is eliminated in the present work. A proto-type design that represents a WDEP, which has been fabricated at the research institute of KFUPM (RI-KFUPM), is used to test the developed algorithm. Smoke of fired coal is used as a source of seed particles of PM10 category (with 75–80% of particles lying below 10 μm). A group of experiments were carried out under laboratory conditions. The results show how different design parameters influenced the corona current and current density profiles.
Energy Conversion and Management, 52 (2011), 1235- 1243
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