Reality of Road Safety Conditions at Critical Locations in Nablus City, Palestine with a Road Map for Future Interventions
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Original research
Nablus occupies a high level among Palestinian Governorates in terms of traffic crash frequency and rate. The traffic safety system and program in Palestine, including Nablus city is weak and needs much improvement. This research aims to study the reality of traffic safety conditions at selected locations in the city of Nablus and to recommend areas for interventions. Traffic crash data for selected locations in Nablus city was collected based on crash reports from the Police Directorate. The selected locations are critical in the city for their sensitive locations and traffic conditions. Analysis was done for several patterns and traffic/environmental conditions that may have an effect on traffic safety at these sensitive locations. Results show that certain conditions and patterns may contribute to the level of safety. Pedestrians, wet pavement conditions, and night-time crashes were high at certain locations while elderly and females were involved in a limited number of crashes. The practical application of this research is that it forms a road map for traffic crashes and road safety conditions studies and for improving traffic safety conditions in the city of Nablus.
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