Clinical Characteristics, Sex Differences And Inhospital Mortality Among Stroke Patients With And Without Diabetes Mellitus

The aim of the study was to investigate and compare clinical characteristics, sex differences and in-hospital mortality between stroke patients with and without diabetes mellitus (DM). All patients admitted to Al- Watani Governmental Hospital for 12 consecutive months and diagnosed with acute stroke were included in the study. Demographic data, clinical characteristics and in-hospital mortality were compared between diabetic and nondiabetic stroke patients. Pearson χ2-test and Student’s t-test were used on univariate analysis. Data were analyzed using SPSS 16. There were 186 stroke patients, mean age 69.09±0.9 years, with positive DM history recorded in 48.9% of male and 45.2% of female patients. Diabetic stroke patients were significantly younger (66.8±10.99 vs. 71±10.52 years; P=0.009) and had a higher proportion of ischemic heart disease (11.9% vs. 3.9%; P=0.04) compared to nondiabetic stroke patients. Inhospital mortality accounted for 39 (21%) patients, including 23 (27.4%) diabetic and 16 (15.7%) nondiabetic stroke patients (P=0.051). Univariate analysis of diabetic stroke patients based on sex showed male patients to have significantly more hemorrhagic strokes (P=0.04), recurrent strokes (P=0.003) and in-hospital mortality (P=0.034) compared to female patients. There was no sex difference in nondiabetic stroke patients. Analysis of diabetic stroke patients based on vital status indicated that in-hospital mortality was significantly associated with sex (P=0.034), type of stroke (P=0.006) and recurrent stroke (P=0.01). None of the variables was significantly associated with mortality in nondiabetic stroke patients. In conclusion, diabetic patients have different clinical characteristics, show sex differences and in-hospital mortality differences compared to nondiabetic patients after acute stroke.

Diabetologia Croatica 40-2, 2011
Sveucilisna Klinika za Dijabetes
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