Developing Effective Risk Management Model: The Case of Palestinian Mobile Communication Organizations
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Mobile Communication organizations are exposed to rapid technological changes accompanied by dynamic external environment that represent threats for their prosperity and competitiveness. A prerequisite for organizational growth and survival in this type of environment is the ability to build highly effective risk management models to adapt to rapid changes and mitigate threats. However, there seems to be scarcity in the current literature of empirical studies to explore effective risk management models development in this sector. This paper is an attempt to develop a risk management model for mobile communication organizations in Palestine. A case study methodology, using mixed methods technique, was adopted to collect data from two mobile communication companies operating in Palestine. Data were collected using semi-structured interviews and a specially designed questionnaire. The results of this study show that mobile communication companies are lacking responsive managerial systems to control threats, and that lack of responsivity to threats has been detrimental to their service quality and offerings. The developed model emphasizes the need for capacity building of employees as an antecedent for organizational risks identification, assessment, and control strategies formulation. Further, the model highlights the need for linking risk management plan implementation with achieving organizational goals. The paper demonstrates an important dynamic of how risk management processes can be encapsulated into the existing managerial systems of these organizations

International Journal of Engineering Research And Management (IJERM)
Eclat Research Publication
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