Conversion of Animal Fats into Beneficial Products
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Conference Paper

The importance of animal fats as useful and cheap raw material is considered. Animal by-products including animal fats are dumped in revolting view around slaughter houses and in solid waste dumping sites. This work gives attention to exploit the animal fat and convert it to many economical articles. The application of it as alternative fuel is not suggested. Experiments are carried out with methanol and ethanol to produce biodiesel. The total conversion needs large amounts of these expensive solvents with energy.

In stead, manufacturing of soap, candles, rubber, plastics, lubricants, crayons, waxes, cleaners, and personal care products, buffing compounds, greases and various chemical derivatives should be considered. Or simply using it in animal feeding and dust reduction

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Jordan International Chemical Engineering Conference V (JICEC05)
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Sept. 12, 2005 - Sept. 12, 2005
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