Catalytic Activity In Olefin Hydrosilylation Reactions by Novel Catalysts Which Consist Of [Mn Ш(Tpyp)]+ Complex Ions Intercalated Inside Matrices of Nano (Montomorillonite) Particles
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Conference Paper

Supported catalysts are very important catalysts because they combine advantages of both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts together, by supporting the homogeneous catalysts onto insoluble supports. Such a technique would give a catalyst system that is highly active (as homogeneous system) and easy to recover (as heterogeneous system) [1]. This work describes how homogeneous catalysts, such as metalloporphyrins, can be intercalated into nano-scale clay particles such as Montomorillonite to produce a new type of supported catalyst system [2]. Routes to achieve metalloporphyrin intercalation between layers will be discussed. Figure (1) shows a schematic presentation of the intercalation process.

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Palestinian Conference on Graduate Students Research in Natural and Applied Sciences, At Birzeit University, Birzeit, Palestine
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March 1, 2014 - March 1, 2014
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