The Effectiveness of Adobe Flash Program on the Achievement of Sixth Graders in Technology and their Attitudes Towards it at the Governmental Schools of Nablus City
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Original research

This study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of employing a
computerized educational program, which according to Adobe Flash
Professional CS5.5, in measuring the achievement of the sixth graders in
the subject of “Technology” in the governmental schools in Nablus and
their attitudes towards it. In order to answer the questions of the study
and test its hypotheses, the researcher employed the Qusai- experimental
Design. In other words, the researcher used two tools, namely: an
immediate achievement test and the measurement of the attitudes towards
learning the subject of ‘technology.’ The population of the study
comprised (92) female students from the sixth grade at Hajja Rashda Al-
Masri Girls Secondary School. Besides, they were divided into two
groups, namely: experimental and control. The latter studied the unit of
“Communication & Information Technology” by using the traditional
method while the former studies the same unit by using a program
designed by Adobe Flash program. After the analysis of the results of the
two groups, the researcher concluded that the influence of using Adobe
Flash on the development of the achievement of the sixth graders in the
subject of ‘technology’ and their attitudes towards learning it is positive.
Besides, there is a direct relation at the statistical level of (α=0.05)
between the scholastic achievement and students’ attitudes towards
learning the subject of ‘technology.’ In light of the previous conclusions,
Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 in producing computerized educational
programs. In addition, it is necessary to hold courses and workshops to
the teachers and supervisors to raise their awareness to the importance of activating the educational computerized programs and employing them as a novel technology in the educational field.

Keywords: Adobe Flash.

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