Establishing Parking Generation Rates for Major Land Uses in Palestine
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Conference Paper

Estimating parking demand in Palestine requires more oriented studies towards parking generation to enrich transportation planning, design, and management. Using regional or international models and rates of parking demand may not be appropriate for Palestine. This research is conducted to establish a reference for provision of parking supply for three major types of land uses, which are residential, office, and retail.

Seventy three sites of different land uses were selected through field investigations, interviews, and availability of information for each site. The study covered all main cities in the West Bank, Palestine. Data collection was conducted manually, which contains site characteristics and average of two-day parking counts during three periods (AM, PM, and Peak of the Development).

Numerous models and rates were investigated yielding variable statistical accuracies. Most appropriate statistical models/rates were summarized and highlighted for each type of land use, and parking generation models with acceptable statistical significance were recommended, otherwise, parking generation rates were recommended. Simple linear regression, natural logarithmic linear regression, and power were the forms of the recommended models for the studied land uses.

This study forms the first step of a future Palestinian “Parking Generation Manual” that should contain various local land use types.

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The Second Palestinian International Graduate Conference on Natural, Health, Medical and Humanities Sciences ) SPIGCNHMHS 2017)
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April 20, 2017 - April 20, 2017
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Faculty of Graduate Studies