The oncologic features of bladder tumor in patients less than 50 years old
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Conference Paper

Purpose: To evaluate the oncologic features of the bladder tumor in patients under 50 years old in Turkey and Palestine.

Material and methods: The medical records of patients who underwent first look cystoscopy between 2001-2012 from izmir-Turkey, between 2012-2014 from Palestine and were proven to have bladder tumor were reviewed. Among 1100 patients from izmir 51 patients (average 42.4 years, range: 17-50) and among 194 patients from Palestine 28 patients (average age 43.1, range: 22-50) had ages less than 50 years. The overall number was  79; 64 patients (81%) were males and 15 patients (18.9%) were females. All pathologic reports of the patients were retrospectively evaluated in terms of: age, sex, grade and degree of invasion. 

Results: All patients from Palestine were males while 70.9% of the patients from Izmir-Turkey were males. The majority of the patients (64 patients, 81%) had low grade tumor: 72.5% and 96.2% in patients from Izmir and Palestine respectively. The tumor in patients from Izmir were superficial (Ta or T1) in all patients, except in one patient the muscle layer was involved. However in Palestine 9 patients (32.2%) had muscle layer involvements and 19 patients (67.8%) had  superficial bladder tumor.

Conclusion: Bladder tumor in patients less than 50 years old appear in males more than in females. In these patients the tumor are less aggressive in term of grades and stages. Geographic and national variations in the oncologic features and sex tendency of the bladder tumor may be present and should be investigated in further studies.

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24th Turkish international urology congress-2015
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Jan. 1, 2015 - Jan. 1, 2015
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Turkish association of urology