The Exclusive Agency
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        the This research which is titled "The Exclusive Agency" is divided into four sections, introduction, and a conclusion. The first section talks about the concept of agency and its legitimacy in general and examines commercial agency and its types. This kind of agency is divided into three types: Contracts Agency, commission Agency and Exclusive Agency. In the second section, the researcher talks about exclusive agency and its types and importance. This type of agency is based on the relation between its two parties, and it is divided into exclusive commission agency and exclusive contracts agency. However concerning the relation among countries, such agency is divided into internal and external. In the third section , the research shows the adaptation of exclusive agency to jurisprudence (Fiqh)  and its status , its relation to monopoly and shows  that it is legitimate ; it is considered as a type of special agency  if it is an exclusive contract agency and its is considered  sales agency if it is an exclusive distribution agency. The last section of the research, the researcher talked about the reasons of ending the exclusive agency like necessity of parties will agreement on it, and not to individuate one on it due to other right and preventing harm. Finally, it is considered prohibited monopoly whenever a party monopolizes selling certain goods that hurts peoples' interests and brings hardship to them.


مجلة جامعة الشارقة للعلوم الشرعية والقانونية
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