Plagiarism and the Criminal Responsibility that follows
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The research undertaken which is titled "Plagiarism and the Criminal Responsibility that follows " is divided into three sections, an introduction and a conclusion which embodied the most important findings and recommendations through which the researcher discussed the concept of scientific product being considered one of the financial advantages based on money that should be saved and protected. Furthermore, this research defined plagiarism and demonstrated its images and harms on scientific advancement. This research pointed out the necessity of the researcher's complying with scientific honesty and impartiality of quoting and attributing others' opinions to their sources. Add to that, the research indicated that documentation is a source of augmentation since it reflects the researcher's wide and diversified knowledge of others' opinions and knowledge. In addition, it showed the nature of the criminal responsibility that results due to plagiarism in Islamic Fiqh and law and the system of some universities differentiating between them.  Then, it enforced the law of punishment on the aggressor being manifested in imprisonment and fine.  The most important findings include a crystal-clear disagreement between the punishment of plagiarism among laws and the lack of clear rules in some universities concerning the reservation of the researchers' intellectual rights.     

مجلة دراسات الاردنية
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