The Value of Prestige in Islamic Fiqh
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This study which is titled "The Value of Prestige in Islamic Fiqh" comes in three sections, in addition to an introduction and a conclusion. The first section talks about the concept of the value of prestige, what a man gets from others in return to his advocacy, and comparing the vocabulary related to this concept such as power, advocacy, and bribery. The second section pinpoints the various images of prestige from which one gains reward and their constrains that people consider as good traits by which they keep their rights. The third section shows the scholars' points of view concerning taking money in return to using one's prestige to help others. In addition, it shows the differences among those points of view which come in three perspectives: prevention, permission and elaboration.  The researcher supports the last perspective which stresses the permission of taking money from the man with prestige in   return to his expenditures and expenses; otherwise, it is not permissible. The study concludes that using one's prestige is considered as a kind of charity and good deeds which is done for the sake of Allah. Additionally, it is not permissible for a person to misuse his power and prestige when helping others.

كلية الشريعة والدراسات الاسلامية
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