Green Human Resource Management Practices Among Palestinian Manufacturing Firms- An Exploratory Study
Publication Type
Original research
  • Samer Arqawi
  • Ahmed Zaid
  • Ayham Jaaron
  • Amal A. Al hila
  • Mazen J. Al Shobaki
  • Samy S. Abu-Naser4

Organizations are increasingly finding it challenging to balance economic and environmental performance particularly those that face competitive, regulatory and community pressure. With the increasing pressures for environmental sustainability, this calls for the new formulation of strategies by the manufacturers in order to minimize their products and services negative impact on the environment. Hence, Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) continues to be an important research agenda among the researchers. In Palestine, green issues are new and still developing. Constant study is needed to fully understand and update information regarding this area. Objective: The aim of this paper is to explore the views and level of acceptance of GHRM practices among manufacturing firms in Palestine. Results: Through the use of e-mail survey, 121 responses were obtained to generate the results of the study. The result showed GHRM practices have been practiced to somewhat to a greater extent a firms in Palestine. Findings can be extended to study on the issues in further. Academicians and practitioners can apply this result to their research and business strategies on how to improve sustainable performance and to effectively implement GHRM practices.

Journal of Resources Development and Management
International Knowledge Sharing Platform
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United States of America
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Both (Printed and Online)