Protecting the virtual classroom and Ensuring the Right to Quality Education As one of the Sustainable Development Goals
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Conference Paper

This research examined and analysed the issue of protecting the virtual classroom by the provisions of the laws in force in Palestine, whether within the constitutional rules in the amended Palestinian Basic Law of 2003 or the penal rules by the provisions of the Penal Code or the decision by law on cybercrime or civil rules in the Journal of Judicial Provisions, because Protecting this class from being exposed to it by intrusive individuals prevents it from achieving its goal as it is a sophisticated educational method that gives the student skills, experience and knowledge, and thus the inability to reach the fourth sustainable development goal of ensuring the right to quality education.

Thus, the research focused on clarifying the meaning of the virtual classroom, knowing the concept of the right of modern education as a goal of sustainable development, and linking all of this to clarifying the forms of criminalisation of violations that occur in this classroom and impede its functioning, such as penetration and intrusion, infringement on educational materials or sending materials that violate values ​​or reduce the dignity of the parties to the educational process, as well as the clarification of the criminal penalties prescribed for them in the applicable legislation, and the civil liability imposed on the perpetrators of these violations, to shed light on the importance of the legislative protection provided by the State of Palestine to achieve the required goal of ensuring the right to quality education.

Keywords: the fourth Goal of Sustainable Development, Quality Education, Virtual Classroom, Penal Protection, Civil Liability.

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The 3rd International Conference on Learning and Teaching in the Digital World
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May 9, 2022 - May 10, 2022
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مركز التعلم الإلكتروني / جامعة النجاح الوطنية، سكوبس.
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