The Relationship Between Self-Concept and Athletic Achievement Motivation Among School of Jenin Directorate
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Conference Paper

The study aimed to determine the relationship between self-concept and athletic achievement motive among the players of school-teem in the directorate of  jenin, a sample of (1047) players who are officially registered in the directorates school for the year (2012\2011). These players were chosen according to the describtive method and by using "Barakats-self-concept scale (2008)" and" Always scale (2004). The researcher has modified these scales to fit with the young ages of the players, and to maintain truth and constancy of the the scales. After collecting all the data, the (SPSS) programe was used to analyse the results, which showed that the self-concept among the players was a high level, and there weren’t any statistical differences at Indication level due to (gender, sport game, residency).

The study also showed a positive relationship between the self- concept and achievement motivation among the players to the extent of (0.63).

Based on the finding of the study the researcher recommended to development of positive psychological features between the players, towards self-concept and athletic achievement, for their basic rule in stimulating and building the leading personalities of the players.

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معايير الجودة ومدى مساهمتها في تطوير الرياضة العربية
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May 18, 2014 - May 19, 2014
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جامعة اليرموك
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