Establishing Norms Levels For Physical Fitness For The Students Admission Exam In The Physical Education Departments In Palestinians Universities.
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The studyinvestigates the possibility of building up standard levels of physical and in testing students who apply for the entrance exam in the faculties of physical education in Palestinian universities . To achieve this goal , the study was conducted on a random sample of 190,174 male and female studentsrespectively in four Palestinian universities ( Al-Najah university ,Khadouri university , Al-Quds Open university and  Arab American university – Jenin ).

Those students are first- years who underwent ability test in their universities .

The tool of the study consists of a number of physical skill examinations that focus on flexibility , agility , speed , muscular strength, fortitude and  precision ,  The data was collected and analysed using the program (spss). 

The study finds that the students, level in both physical and tactical skill examinations was average. Physical fitness tests for male and female students were founded on standard levels in which the results were illustrated as: flexibility (bending the trunk of the body) , agility (hurdle zigzag race ) , speed ( 30m race ) , fortitude (1500m race), precision ( aiming by the hand at the interlocked circle).


The researcher recommends that it is necessary to adopt standard levels the study arrived at in the selection and acceptance of first-year students in the faculties and sections of physical education in Palestinian universities ,provided that there need be a unified system based on scientific standards in all universities in Palestine .

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