The Effect of Blending Some Teaching Styles on the Performance Level of Backstroke Swimming Among Physical Education Female Students at Al-Yarmouk University
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This study aimed to identify the effect of blending some teaching styles on the performance level of backstroke swimming among physical education female students at Al-Yarmouk University. This study was based on the experimental approach. The sample of the study consisted of (30) female students of the Department of Physical Education at Yarmouk University, the specialization of a swimmer who took a swimming course (1). They were divided into three experimental groups: the experimental group I Reciprocal Style was used in their training (n=10), the experimental group II   Command Style was used in their training, and the experimental group III blended Style (Reciprocal and Command) in their training. Pre-post tests of flow, arms, legs, tactics, and speed parameters were applied. The results showed that there were statistically significant differences between the pre and post measurements in the three groups (the reciprocal style, the Command style, and the reciprocal Command style) according to the flow, arms, legs, tactics, and speed parameters. The results indicated that there were statistically significant differences at the level of significance in the measurement of flow, arms, legs, tactics, and speed parameters of the three groups in the level of performance of the skill Backstroke swimming for the benefit of blended Style (Reciprocal and Command) group. The researcher recommended the use of the blended Style (Reciprocal and Command) style by the teachers of physical education to develop the performance of students in the skill of Backstroke swimming.

Keywords: Teaching styles, physical education, Backstroke swimming, swimming skills.



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Oct. 16, 2021 - Oct. 17, 2021
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